Local moving

If you’re looking for movers in the New Jersey area, get in touch with the Movers of North Bergen. We provide good quality cost efficient moving services that can’t be beat. We offer different services to make your move a lot easier. Short local moves are our specialty.

Long Distance

If you need move long distance the Movers of North Bergen is more than happy to take care of things for you. We know the ins and outs of long distance moving and we’ll make sure things go smoothly and finish on schedule. When you move out of state, you need to work with properly authorized movers or you risk having your truck impounded with all of your things. Avoid nightmare situations like this by working with reliable movers. Movers of North Bergen is a trusted moving company that will take care of your long distance move for you.


Moving to different state is more complex than most people think. Movers of North Bergen follow the strict requirements in place and follows the right practices to keep things safe and on schedule.  Movers of North Bergen understands how difficult it can be for you and your family when you move to a different state. You can rest assured that you and your things are in good hands when you work with us.


Commercial moves rely heavily on staying organized in order to be successful. Movers of North Bergen are properly experienced in moving all kinds of equipment and know how to keep them in good condition. We take great measures in handling all logistics involved and make sure everything is moved right and properly accounted for.


Movers of North Bergen is well aware of the fact that moving to a new home is a difficult time for everyone involved. Movers of North Bergen has you covered and will take care of things for you on your big day. We offer all sorts of moving services that can help ease your load.

Office Relocation

Proper and successful office relocations rely on properly executed plans in order to avoid any problems. Movers of North Bergen employs a tried and true organization system that has been tweaked and improved over the years to ensure a smooth transition for your office relocation.

Art & Antique

Movers of North Bergen takes extensive measures when it comes to moving priceless art pieces making sure they stay secured in transit. We have experience managing all sorts of art pieces.  

Piano Moving

Movers of North Bergen is properly trained in moving pianos. We have the right kind of equipment to safely move spinets to grand pianos. We also employ a cautious moving process to make sure nothing is damaged when moving your piano. Before moving anything, make sure your floors are properly protected. We take the necessary precautions around staircases as well by using padded piano moving boards. Once inside the truck, your piano will be properly secured to make sure it doesn’t shift while the truck moves.

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