8 Easy Steps For Packing Up Bedrooms When Moving

Whenever packing and moving bedrooms, you should start with the least used bedrooms first.

Like any guest rooms or spare rooms. Once you are finished with these rooms, you can use

them to temporarily store packed up boxes, dismantled furniture, and even set up a packing

station inside them. This article will be a quick 8 step guide for when you are packing up your

bedroom before your North Bergen moving company arrives on moving day.

Step 1: Identify and Organize

● Have every member of your family pack up their own rooms. Your kids can help by

organizing their own closets, dressers, and toy chests. Tell them to make piles of what

they want to keep and what they want to sell or donate. Tell your kids that they should

also prepare their own essentials box and explain to them that this box should have what

they want for their first few days in their new home.

● Be sure to pick out clothes you’ll be wearing for the first few days in your new home as

well. Include hygiene products and other necessities for your first few days. Put these

items within their own clearly labelled box or put them in a suitcase.

● Your sorting out should start in your closets then move onto the dressers, drawers, and

other bedroom storage. Start one item at a time placing them in donate and keep piles.

● For your favorite clothes, consider getting wardobe boxes. These boxes can pack up to

2 feet worth of closet space and keep the clothes inside them from wrinkling up.

● If you don’t mind wrinkles, leave your clothes on their hangers and fold into large or

medium boxes lined with paper.

● Clothes from your drawers can be folded and packed into medium sized boxes. Label

them properly and make sure the boxes don’t get too heavy.

● If you have shoe boxes, place your shoes in them and then place the shoe boxes in

medium or large boxes. If you don’t have the original boxes anymore, wrap up your

shoes in newspapers before placing them in bigger boxes. Keep the shoes on the

bottom part of the box and pack lighter items on top of them like pillows, blankets,

duvets, etc.

Place all your jewelry inside a secure box and take this box with you. Do not leave it with

your North Bergen moving company. It’s quite likely that they will not move it without the right

Step 5: Beddings, pillows, and linens

● Put these inside clear plastic garbage bags and label which bedroom each one belongs

to. Place these plastic bags within boxes for easier packing and to avoid being charged

for additional boxes by your North Bergen moving company.

● Mattresses need to be packed into mattress bags and boxes which can be supplied by

your North Bergen moving company.

● You can choose to either empty out your drawers and dressers, or simply seal them

shut. Just make sure they are still light enough to be lifted by two people.

Step 7: Mirrors, frames, and pictures

● Mirrors must be placed within specialized cartons that you can buy from your North

Bergen moving company. These boxes will be able to handle the weight of the mirror. If

you have a very large mirror, consider having the mirror crated.

Step 8: Curtains and blinds

● To keep these from getting tangled and wrinkled, put them inside wardrobe boxes.

Alternately you can fold them up and place them in medium sized boxes lined with

● Clean your drapes before packing it up. Unpacking will be much easier.

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